“Upon the embers of sorrow and courage, she will rise above all that transpired to destroy her.” -Jamie Collins

As a child, I was known as “Jessica Pelley.” When I was nine, I went to a sleepover at a friend’s house for the weekend. While I was away, my entire family was murdered. I would spend the next 30 years fighting, crawling, and clawing my way through the darkness. This wasn’t just a national news headline, a cold case, or a true crime show. It was my family. And my life. I was the broken little girl left behind to tell this story. I am now “Jessi,” in the pages of this unapologetic memoir, set free.

* * *

“Riveting from page one . . . an intense ride . . . a book you literally won’t be able to put down.” -Lauren Sapala, Author and Founder of WriteCity

“Powerful and deeply disturbing . . .” – ARC Reader, Mariana Fradman

“Incredibly moving . . . I’ve read thousands of books, but I’ve never read a book like this one . . . You are present in every character. You feel what they feel. You see what they see . . . Deftly covers the topics of life, sociology, theology and law. It holds healing power . . . A story I will never forget.” – ARC Reader, Tom Beaty

“Absolutely captivating . . . I could NOT put this book down. I was reading it on the bus and missed my stop because I just couldn’t bring myself to stop reading. Ended up walking back six blocks to work . . .” – ARC Reader, Shelley Meyer

“A raw and powerful story masterfully told. I wept for Jessi’s pain and rejoiced as she rose from the ashes . . . “ – ARC Reader, Daphne Greve

“A raw story told with unparalleled authenticity. A must read. . .” – ARC Reader, Maren Schroeder

“I am Jessica is spine tingling. Enthralled from the first page . . . each short chapter has you hungering for more . . . finished the book without ever putting it down.” – ARC Reader, Deb Kinnard

“I’ve read this incredible book. Three times. It is a deeply absorbing story and shines a light on the little known world of trauma survival . . . Jamie Collins tells Jessi’s story masterfully, engaging the reader from start to finish. Once you start it, cancel your other plans – you won’t be able to stop!” – ARC Reader, Joni Boucher

“The best memoir of a trauma survivor I’ve ever read.” – ARC Reader, Christina Wojtena

* * *

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